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St Willibrord's is one of the finest remaining examples of the 19th-century Utrecht school of the Gothic revival. It was built between 1875 and 1879 under the architecture of the Amsterdam architect Alfred Tepe. The church is almost completely hidden from view by its surrounding buildings. The original and very special interior, comes as a complete surprise for the visitor. The rich furniture of the church was almost completely designed and made in the workshop of the German sculptor W.F. Mengelberg, who - just like Tepe - had gained experience from the restoration of the Gothic Cathedral of Cologne. The older stained-glass windows were designed by H. Geuer. The metalwork originated from the workshop of the Brom family of Utrecht and the ironwork was made by the blacksmith Kniep. The windows in the southern wall and the carvings on the pulpit depict scenes from the life of St Willibrord, the missionary who converted the people of the Northern Netherlands to Christianity and who founded the See of Utrecht in 695.

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