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The Lutheran church was originally the chapel of the nunnery of St Ursula's, which was founded in 1412 by a rich Utrecht citizen, Abraham Dole. After the Reformation of 1580 the Utrecht religious houses were dissolved. The buildings of Abraham Dole's nunnery became property of the City, which put them to various uses. In the middle of the 18th century the ban on religious services by Catholics and Dissenters was somewhat mitigated. In 1743 the Lutheran community was allowed to have its church in the old chapel. They built the present stone gable in front of two houses with which they extended the chapel towards the street. Then the entresol of the choir was removed; from that level the nuns of the former nunnery were able to attend mass without being seen. In 1745 the interior of the chapel was furnished with a gallery, a new and lower wooden barrel vault and a fine decorative painting behind the organ. The outside of the chapel can be seen from the courtyard, which can be reached via a gate at the Lange Nieuwstraat.

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